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LGB Articles
Motive Power
LGB Steam Locomotive 207
LGB Steam Locomotive 209
LGB Track Car 2001
LGB Branch Line Locomotive 2010
LGB Tank Locomotive 2010D
LGB Locomotive with tender 2015D
LGB US Locomotive with tender 2017P
LGB Stainz 2 Locomotive 2020
LGB Electric Locomotive 2030
LGB Electric Track Maintenance Locomotive 2033
LGB Streetcar 2035
LGB Streetcar 2036
LGB Rhaetian Crocodile Locomotive 2040
LGB Tramway Locomotive 2050
LGB Diesel Locomotive 2051
LGB Schoma Diesel Locomotive 2060
LGB Schoma Diesel Locomotive 2060H
LGB Zilertal Railway Locomotive 2 2071D
LGB Tank Locomotive of the Waldenburg Railway 2073D
LGB B-type Tank Locomotive 2075
LGB Trans Harz Steam Locomotive 2080D
LGB Trans Harz Steam Locomotive w/Sound 2080S
LGB Diesel-hydraulic Locomotive 2090
LGB Diesel Bogie Locomotive 2095
LGB 2nd Class Coach 3000
LGB 2nd/3rd Class Coach 3007
LGB 3rd Class Coach 3010
LGB Passenger Coach 3011
LGB Dining Car 3013
LGB 3rd Class Coach 3014
LGB Passenger Coach 3015
LGB Parcels/Mail Car 3019
LGB 3rd Class Coach 3040
LGB Summer-type Passenger Coach 3041
LGB 3rd Class Compartment Coach 3050
LGB 3rd Class Moutain Railway Coach 3060
LGB Through-train Coach 3062
LGB Through-train Coach 3063
LGB Through-train Coach 3064
LGB Streetcar Trailer 3500
LGB Open Maintenance Wagon 3510
LGB Catenary Tower Wagon 3530
LGB Streetcar Trailer 3600
LGB Cable Wagon 4002
LGB Low-Sided Wagon 4010
LGB Hinged-Hatch Wagon 4011
LGB High-Sided Wagon 4021
LGB Covered Goods Wagon 4030
LGB Beer Wagon 4032
LGB Banana Wagon 4033
LGB BASF Tank Wagon 4040C
LGB Esso Tank Wagon 4040E
LGB Shell Tank Wagon 4040S
LGB OEG Ballest Wagon 4041
LGB Crane Wagon 4042
LGB Tipping-Bucket Wagon 4043
LGB High-Sided Wagon 4044
LGB Stanchion Wagon 4045
LGB Cable Wagon 4046
LGB Wine Wagon 4047
LGB Platform Wagon 4060
LGB Low-Sided Wagon 4061
LGB High-Sided Wagon 4062
LGB Covered Goods Wagon 4063
LGB Refrigerator Wagon 4064
LGB Rio Grande Caboose 4065
LGB Lumber Wagon 4066
LGB Covered Goods Wagon 4067
LGB Cattle Wagon 4068
LGB Container Wagon 4069
LGB Super Batteriebahn 300
LGB Passenger Train 20301
LGB Freight Train 20401
LGB Freight Train 20601
LGB Passenger Train 20701

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