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LGB Articles
Motive Power
LGB The red rocket set 1988
LGB Gandy Dancer 2001
LGB Tender loco of the Salzkammergut 2010D
LGB Steam loco 992015 2015D
LGB Old West loco with two motors 2017D
LGB American mogul tender loco 2019S
LGB Tender loco No. 2
LGB American mogul tender loco No. 71 of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad 2028D
LGB Electric loco E1 of the Mixnitz-St. Erhard Local Railway 2030
LGB Trolley car power unit 2035
LGB Electric loco Ge 6/6 No. 401-415 of the Rhaetian Railway 2040
LGB Electric passenger loco Ge 2/4 of the Rhaetian Railway 2045
LGB Rack rail electric loco HGe 2/2 of the Furka-Oberalp Railway 2046
LGB Schoema diesel loco with sounding horn 2060H
LGB Diesel loco type Tm 2/2 of the Furka-Oberalp Railway 2061
LGB Hannover type rail car built by Wismar 2066
LGB 2070D-Loco U.43, one-time production 2070D
LGB Zillertal railway loco No. 2 2071D
LGB Spreewald tank loco 1
LGB B-type tank loco No. 995001 of the German State Railways 2076D
LGB Harzquerbahn tank loco No. 996001 2080D
LGB Harzquerbahn tank loco No. 996001 with sound 2080S
LGB Mallet tank loco No. 104 of the South German Railway 2085D
LGB Diesel hydraulic shunting loco
LGB Passenger car No. 1        3006
LGB Zillertal railway car (Bi) 3007
LGB Salzkammergut car (Ci/S) 3010
LGB Second class passenger car 3011
LGB Dining car of the OBB Steyrtal Railway 3013
LGB Bavarian passenger car 3015
LGB Combination baggage/mail car 3019
LGB DEV passenger car type 9            3020
LGB Circus passenger car 3036
LGB Third class passenger car 3040
LGB Summertime carriage 3041
LGB Third class compartment coach 3050
LGB Second and third class Barmer Mountain Railway coach 3061
LGB Four-axle passenger car (B4ip/s) 3062
LGB First class composite coach III type A 3067
LGB Dining car type WR 3815 of the Rhaetian Railway 3068
LGB Narrow gauge excursion passenger coach, second class, type Kb4i-59 3070
LGB Narrow gauge second class combination car (KBD4i) 3071
LGB DB excursion coach No. 2 for the Wangerooge Island Railway 3072
LGB Harzquer Railway excursion coach second class of the East German Railway 3073
LGB Second class excursion passenger car of the Zillertal Railway 3163
LGB Second class regular traffic passenger coach of the Zillertal Railway 3164
LGB Passenger coach 3180
LGB Combination car 3181
LGB Trolley car trailer 3500
LGB Elevated platform car 3530
LGB Low sided gondola type X05 4010
LGB Covered gondola 4011
LGB High sided g ndola type Qw 4021
LGB Low sided gondola type X05 with shunting platform 4023
LGB High sided gondola with shunting platform 4024
LGB Box car of the MOB with shunting platform 4027
LGB Reefer Gk 509 4028
LGB Reefer Gk 518 4029
LGB Standard boxcar (Gw) 4030
LGB Boxcar (Gkw 187) 4035
LGB Circus type stock car with sliding barred door 4036
LGB Low sided gondola with circus car 4037
LGB BP tank car 4040B
LGB BASF tank car 4040C
LGB Esso tank car 4040E
LGB Shell tank car 4040S
LGB Crane car 4042
LGB Dumping car 4043
LGB High sided car 4044
LGB Stake car 4045
LGB Wine barrel car 4047
LGB Maintenance car with search light 4049
LGB Four-axle auto carrier 4059
LGB Four-axle low sided gondola 4061
LGB Four-axle high sided gondola 4062
LGB Four-axle boxcar GGm 4063
LGB Two -axle caboose 4065
LGB Four-axle log car 4066
LGB Four-axle boxcar 4067
LGB Four-axle stock car 4068
LGB Four-axle Miller Beer reefer 4072
LGB Four-axle gondola 4073
LGB Four-axle Pabst Milwaukee reefer 4074
LGB Combination car with cupola 4075
LGB Self-unloading hopper car 4076
LGB Tank car 4080
LGB Container car with removable 20-foot container 4103
LGB Lowenbrau boxcar 4131
LGB Self-unloading car of the OEG 4141
LGB Passenger starter set 20301
LGB Passenger starter set US (110 V) 20301US
LGB Freight train starter set 21401
LGB Freight train starter set US (110 V) 21401US

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