LGB Publications -- How to navigate this library
  1. Click the year range for the publications you wish to view
    This control is located along the top of the page.
    The the range of the current page is larger with a red background.
  2. Click on a cover photo to view the publication details.
    This will open a popup which also contains a larger photo.
  3. Click on the popup to close, or move the mouse off of it.
    Opening the details of another publication will also close the popup.
  4. Click on the red down arrow to start a download.
    When a download is available a red down arrow is shown.
  5. The home button will take you to the home page.
    The Home button is located at the upper left corner of the page
  6. To view this help again, click the help button
    The help button is located at the top of the page
LGB Manuals
LGB Instruction Manual for 21011 German, English, French
LGB Instruction Manual for 22030 German, English, French
LGB Instruction Manual for 24020 German, English, French
LGB Instruction Manual for 21020 English, French
LGB Instruction Manual for 22020 German, English, French

Page updated on 02-Mar-2023